Bat Cave Exhibition at Asia Society -- A Private Tour


Bats are an auspicious symbol in China as the word for “bats” in Chinese is phonetically similar to the word for “blessings.” Bats were especially popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and could be found on a wide range of objects from folk art to court commissioned pieces. Despite the frequent appearance of bats in Chinese history, little attention has been paid to them.

Bat Cave: Treasures of the Day and Creatures of the Night on display at the Chantal Miller Gallery memorializes bats, the quintessential night creatures found on site at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. With over 70 exquisite traditional Chinese objects with bat motifs, including ceramics, jade carvings, paintings and textiles among others, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity for visitors to explore the thematic variations of the bat motif that are seldom displayed together. In addition, the exhibition also presents a response project by the contemporary Chinese artist Sun Xun featuring a wall mural with digital art. By unravelling the hidden meanings and stories behind bats in a modern and fun context, the exhibition aims to alter the stereotypical opinions associated with traditional Chinese art.

Co-organized by Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Art Museum, Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the exhibition will be on view from September 16, 2015 to January 03, 2016. The curator is Dr. Xu Xiaodong, the Associate Director of the Art Museum, and the Associate Professor (by courtesy) of the Fine Arts Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Assistant Curator is On-tsun Andrew Fung from the Gallery Team of Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

This private tour event on Saturday, October 24, will consist of alumni of Columbia University, Barnard College and Smith College.  Capacity is limited.  First come first serve.  In case of no show, a $100 donation to CUAAHK is appreciated in lieu of panelty.

October 24, 2015 at 11:00am - 12pm

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

9 Justice Dr
Hong Kong

Helen Chen

Will you come?