Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in the Dark – Thur, Aug 21 (with change in price)


Will you come?


Come join CUAAHK for an evening of great food and great company at Dinner in the Dark. Dinner in the Dark is part of a social enterprise called Dialogue in the Dark, which offers unique experiences to bring a positive and powerful impact to all.


Dinner in the Dark is a fine dining experience: a 3-course meal prepared by professional chefs, complete with refreshments and attentive staff. The only difference? The entire meal will be enjoyed in complete dark. A truly unique sensory experience, designed to stimulate and challenge all your non-visual senses. This is all made possible by DiD’s amazing visual impaired waiters who will be there to assist you.


Dinner in the Dark is operated by "Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong Ltd.", a social enterprise.


Mission of "Dialogue in the Dark Foundation"

1.      Dialogue in the Dark Foundation aims at identifying, incubating and fostering successful persons with visual impairment as role models for the community by providing human and financial resource in :

•showcasing their talents and potential;

•supporting them in pursuit of education and career advancement;

•empowering them to realize their dreams


2.      Dialogue in the Dark Foundation is committed to promoting social inclusion, tolerance, respect and appreciation of individual differences by:

•developing partnership programmes with the social enterprise of Dialogue in the Dark;

•supporting financially deprived groups to benefit from the educational experience of Dialogue in the Dark


For more details on DiD’s inspiring mission and the open-to-public version of Dinner in the Dark, follow this link: http://www.dialogue-in-the-dark.hk/web/subpage.php?mid=22&lang=en


Please note that this Dinner in the Dark event that CUAAHK is organizing is a special arrangement for private parties only. The address on the website above is not where our event will be, see below.


Please sign up as soon as possible. Maximum capacity is at 24 people.


Please email [email protected] if you would like a vegetarian meal or if you have any food allergies.


August 21, 2014 at 7:00pm - 10pm

Dialogue Experience Square - The Good Lab

500 Tung Chau St
L1 The Sparkle
Cheung Sha Wan
Hong Kong

Wendell Jiang - [email protected]


Will you come?

$980.00 Non-Member
$880.00 CUAAHK Member