Hiking the Dragon's Back Trail & Big Wave Bay

Dragon’s Back + Big Wave Bay on Sunday, 6 November 2016!

We will hike the famous Dragon’s Back trail, which Time Magazine rates as the “Best Urban Hike in Asia” offering great views of the South China Sea. From the end of the trail, we will journey onward to Big Wave Bay and finish the hike at the beach.

The entire hike will likely take 3-4 hours, so bring plenty of water and pack a lunch for a picnic along the way.  At the end of the hike at Big Wave Bay, there are modest dining options (pizza, noodles, etc.) and outdoor showering facilities.  Remember to bring your bathing suit to enjoy the beach and the sea.  To return home, please take a taxi, minibus, or Uber from the beach (leave nothing but footprints and happy face).

Hiking Checklist

o   Difficulty of hike: moderate with rolling hills; about 3 hours in length.  Hiking shoes preferred (but sneakers okay).  The Dragon’s Back trail has a steep upward walk/steps but not as steep as say The Peak hike.  If you’re tired after Dragon’s Back, then one can catch a taxi home from end of the trail at Shek O Road.  If you continue on to Big Wave Bay, it’s mostly flat until a long walk down the hill where you’ll be treated to a stunning 180 degree view of the ocean at the end of the hike.

o   Backpack checklist: (1) a few bottles of water, (2) lunch (eg, sandwich, energy bar, snacks, etc.), (3) Octopus card, (4) mobile phone; and (5) optional bathing suit and towel (to make actual big waves in the Big Wave Bay).  There are also modest fast food options at Big Wave Bay (pizza, noodles, etc.). 

o   Baby/Toddlers caveat: no strollers; if you are going to attempt this, you should be very well experienced with a baby/toddler backpack carrier.

o   Free, open event: come one, come all! 


Coordinator contact info:

o   Bill Fong: mobile: 9155 8087; email: [email protected] 

o   Leenor Lee: mobile: 9813 4033; same email as above.


Meeting points and itinerary on 6 November:

o   9:20am—“Central” Meeting Point One: start with us by meeting at The Landmark (Bottega Veneta shop on the G/F) in Central on Queen’sRoad/ Pedder Street where we will take the MTR and City Bus 9 to the Trailhead Starting Point.  (*Be on time; no waiting! *)

o   10: 20am—“To Tei Wan” Starting Point:  As an alternative, you can take a taxi and meet us at the Trailhead starting point at To Tei Wan on Shek O Road. (*Don’t be late! *)

o   10:30am – 2pm: Dragon’s Back Trail + Big Wave Bay


Interested?  Here’s how to participate:

o   Email the Coordinators and provide your mobile number

o   Show up at the Central Meeting Point on time.  In case of rain or likely bad weather, we will email you of cancellation.


Additional info: How to get to the To Tei Wan Starting Point (If you know how to get here by yourself, feel free to skip the Central Meeting Point).

o   Take the MTR to the Shau Kei Wan Station, Exit A3

o   Take CityBus 9 for Shek O at the Shau Kei Wan bus terminus, making sure to alight on Shek O Road 4 stops after the roundabout with Tai Tam Road at To Tei Wan.  The To Tei Wan bus stop on Shek O Road is土地灣 located at土地灣村對面. You can show these to a bus or taxi driver. 

o   This can be tricky to say the least.  If you are not familiar with it; play it safe and join us first at the Central Meeting Point.




DISCLAIMER NOTICE - RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  We’re here to have fun, make friends and share some great experiences with fellow alumni and HKers.  You and your group (if any) participate in this event at your own risk and you release and hold CUAAHK (including its coordinators, officers and other hikers) harmless and free of blame for any accident, injury or other damage that you (or any of your group member) might possibly suffer in connection with the event.  Thus, naturally you will not sue us, pester us, or in any way make us no longer wish to volunteer our time creating these opportunities to experience the amazing natural environment of Hong Kong.

November 06, 2016 at 9:20am - 1:20pm

Dragon's Back Trail & Big Wave Bay


Bill Fong, Leenor Lee

Will you come?