[Rescheduled] Tung O Ancient Trail Hike

[Rescheduled] CUAAHK Tung O Ancient Trail Summer Hike | Saturday, June 13 2020

Hope you are doing well and keeping cool during this hot summer!

It has been a while since we all met in person and went out hiking outdoors together. So, grab a mask next weekend and join us to explore the ancient trail connecting Tung Chung and Tai O fishing village, on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Let us know if you plan to join by RSVPing on our Facebook event page.

Please note, though an outdoor event, social distancing guidelines need to be followed.

Meeting Details:

Meeting Time: 10 am (We will start walking at 10.15 am, so please be on time)

Meeting Location: Tung Chung MTR Station, Exit A

This will be an easy to moderate hike where we start at Tung Chung MTR and finish at Tai O fishing village. En route, we intend to check out the various village hamlets along the coastline of northern Lantau, namely San Tau, Sha Lo Wan, San Shek Wan, Sham Shek Tsuen and Sham Wat. The hike will take approximately 4 hours. After the hike, we will have options to have a late lunch snack and check the Tai O market (~ HKD 150 pp, cash only). Lunch is optional and can be swapped with popular street food and/or chilled beers as well. We will catch the bus back to Tung Chung, but there are options to take a ferry and taxi as well.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2020

Duration: 10.15 am – 3.30 pm (excluding transport). It would take around 1.5 hours on public transport to reach back to the Island.

Hike Map and details:



Street food recommendations: https://thisgirlabroad.com/tai-o-fishing-village-hong-kong/


Please confirm attendance by RSVP on our Facebook event page and feel free to post any questions on the event page. We’ll be adding more pictures of the meeting point on the FB Event page

Please also join the event WhatsApp Group to stay in touch with our event organiser: Join WhatsApp Group

Event Contact

Please contact Jas (+852-5166-0020) if you encounter problems on the day of the event.

Other Notes

Social distancing guidelines are expected to be adhered to. More details will be added to the FB Event page closer to the day of the hike

Please wear comfortable hiking shoes, sunscreen and appropriate outdoor gear (hike poles optional). Don’t forget to carry ample water, snacks and cash.

As a portion of the hike is an uphill trek, we do not recommend bringing strollers or children under 7 years old.

Please monitor the weather conditions and prepare accordingly. You can carry a rain poncho to be on the safer side, as we also realized during our last hike ;)


In Case of Bad Weather

On the day of the hike, in case of bad weather, we’ll delay the event by an hour. If required, we’ll make another such hour delay to wait for weather to improve.

If bad weather persists, after the 2 hour delay (i.e. we can’t start by noon), we’ll postpone the hike to another weekend.
In case of Amber, Red or Black Rain signals by the Observatory, or T1 or worse, we’ll postpone the hike to another weekend.

Please lookout for the discussions on the event page for latest updates.
Also, you can join the WhatsApp Event Group for the hike: Join WhatsApp Group

June 13, 2020 at 10:00am - 4pm

Tung Chung MTR, Exit A