University Book Club - The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom



In next book club event, one of the most important but often neglected topic, finding happiness and meaning in life, will be discussed. Please rsvp asap if plan to join. Look forward to seeing all of you!

Using the wisdom culled from the world's greatest civilizations as a foundation, social psychologist Haidt comes to terms with 10 Great Ideas, viewing them through a contemporary filter to learn which of their lessons may still apply to modern lives. He first discusses how the mind works and then examines the Golden Rule ("Reciprocity is the most important tool for getting along with people"). Next, he addresses the issue of happiness itself--where does it come from?--before exploring the conditions that allow growth and development. He also dares to answer the question that haunts most everyone--What is the meaning of life?--by again drawing on ancient ideas and incorporating recent research findings. He concludes with the question of meaning: Why do some find it? Balancing ancient wisdom and modern science, Haidt consults great minds of the past, from Buddha to Lao Tzu and from Plato to Freud, as well as some not-so-greats: even Dr. Phil is mentioned. Fascinating stuff, accessibly expressed. June Sawyers. - from Amazon

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* Please note that $100 will be collected at site for covering snacks and drinks.


November 12, 2015 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

UCF Capital (Ms. Shirley Hsu's office)

88 Queensway
35/F, Two Pacific Place
Hong Kong

Shirley Hsu

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